About me - SimoCí

Hello, I'm Simona and I love taking pictures…

I love the sunny days and the blue skies, I love the colours shout loud, the black and the white.

I love curly hair and straight lines, the ancient Greece and the modern Asia, the Big Dipper above Montelungo’s sky.

I love the beauty within and the kindness without, the sea and all of its shades of blue, I love the hot days of summer.

I love Tequila, certainly as a shot but more as a dog.

I love taking pictures…

This website is a home to host some of the images I love, taken during my journey of learning about photography.

What this long route is leading me to? Actually I don’t know, but you can bet I’m enjoying the journey a lot!

...something you like, a feedback to leave or just wanna say hallo and have a chat?

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